Advantages of using PVDF Coating Aluminium Composite Panels

PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) coating, also known as Kynar coating, is a non-reactive, pure thermoplastic fluoropolymer with several coating advantages. Because of its low weight and low thermal conductivity, Kynar coating is commonly used on chemical processing equipment. Most chemicals and solvents don't affect this coating and have exceptional wear and abrasion resistance. PVDF coatings are more resistant to solvents and acids than comparable fluoropolymers, and they have a lower density. Kynar PVDF coatings for steel, aluminium, and other metals have high dielectric strength, as well as excellent weathering resistance in harsh environments. PVDF coatings are a factory-applied, resin-based coating system that supports a wide variety of matte-finish colours and usually has embedded paint pigment particles. They are among the most widely used commercial and industrial coatings available. The most common applications for PVDF coatings are aluminium wall cladding, curtain wall, and roofing sheet.

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