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Happy Birthday in Japanese: 1. Otanjo-bi omedetou! 2. Otanjo-bi omedetou gozaimasu! 3. Subarashii tanjo-bi ni narimasu youni 4. Anata no negai ga subete kanaimasu youni 5. Shinyu no anatani, otanjoubi omedetou! 6. Okurebasenagara otanjoubi omedetou! 7. Otanjo-bi... Read More

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Gomennasai (ごめんなさい) Translation: I am sorry. This can be used in any situation, be it if you hurt someone mistakenly or you have inconvenienced someone. It’s the easiest way to say ‘sorry’... Read More

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Here are 10 most amazing expressions to praise somebody in Japanese Language: 素敵 [Suteki] – Fantastic! Excellent! Suppose somebody showed you something and you need to praise them as per it being... Read More

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With its splendid mountainous backdrops, vivid settings, mystifying cultural heritage and delectable cuisines, the Land of the Rising Sun, an archipelago of over 6,852 islands, sure is a stunning and... Read More