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The things we do every day to take care of our teeth and gums are called “preventive dentistry“. This means lowering the chance that you’ll need surgery on your teeth... Read More

Gum recession, also called gingival recession, makes it more likely that you will get an infection, lose a tooth, get sick, or have decay. Read on: Read More

Teeth whitening is a way to get rid of stains on the surface of the teeth and make them look like they did when they were first made. Whitening your... Read More

Restorative dentistry is all about fixing or replacing teeth that are broken or missing. The health and function of the mouth are improved by these procedures. Crowns, bridges, and implants... Read More

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In orthodontics, your teeth are moved so that they are in the right place. Braces, clear aligners, retainers, and palate expanders are all common appliances. Read on: Read More

A tooth extraction may be necessary for many reasons, including severe damage or decay. One of the most common dental procedures, a tooth extraction can eliminate bacteria and improve your... Read More

Dental bonding is a cosmetic procedure that uses a tooth-colored composite resin material to enhance your smile. Read on: Read More