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Beautiful smell of coffee – You love it

Beautiful smell of coffee – You love it

Submitted by • January 26, 2020

Coffee: smell, sip, enjoy the taste. Since the fifteenth century, in Egypt, the name coffee has gone from being a novel word to the name of one of the two most purchased items in the world. That is awesome. There is something like 400 billion cups of coffee consumed per year.
The coffee cup has kept billions of cups in the morning away from burning the drinker's fingers. He has isolated gallons and gallons of java for hours, so we can keep the heavenly heat as long as possible. 50% of the American population drinks coffee, and coffee shops earn 12 billion dollars in annual sales. And that quite a lot, considering that the average cup of coffee costs $ 1.38. Men and women are in love with coffee, they drink an average of 1.6 cups a day. Americans drink 400 million cups of coffee a day, which makes us the largest consumers of coffee in the world. And the statistics continue.

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