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Chennai to Shirdi Flight Package

Chennai to Shirdi Flight Package

Submitted by • November 24, 2018

Mystical Sai Rare facts and events

Following are some less known facts about Shirdi and Sai baba:

1. Khandoba Temple

Just in front of the Khandoba temple is a rectangular sandpit, which is in fact for fire-walking. Although rarely used, there is still an annual festival where villagers gather for an exuberant night of Bhajans and express their devotion by daringly walking on hot coal bed. The festival is known as Champa Shashti and takes place in December – shashti means ‘six’ and the festival occurs six day after the new moon.

2. Gurusthan

Gurusthan means “place of the guru”. It is where Baba spent most of his time when he first came to Shirdi, and also where, according to Baba, the tomb of his guru is located, by the Neem tree. Once when villagers were digging foundation for Sathe wada, just behind the Neem tree, they came across some bricks in the soil and what looked like the opening of a tunnel.

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