Family law attorneys are specialized in issues arising from domestic relationships of all kinds, including marriage, divorce, parenting, the standard of living, and other family structures, both traditional and non-traditional. Breaking of these relationships through divorce or separation gives rise to matters mostly handled by family law attorneys, the division of assets and liabilities between the parties, and receiving an alimony lump sum and child support.

The statutes and case laws of the United Arab emirates determine most domestic matters accordingly to their partner Religions. although there are also uniform laws adopted by all of the Emirates,

Family attorneys (alimony attorneys) must have skills in other areas of law that reshape these financial issues and a list of outside experts to assist them when necessary. Knowledge of religious laws as it concerns alimony, payments, asset allocation, and dependency exemptions is essential. the effect of insolvency, wills, and trusts, legal advice, and real estate matter is crucial.

The psychological aspects of family law are also highly complicated. Dealing with families in dispute, often emotional and highly charged, requires special sensibility and a large display of skills. A good family lawyer (advocates legal) must-have, the ability to listen, to advise, to investigate, to negotiate, to design, to outline, to defuse disagreement, to advocate, and, when required, to prosecute.

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