Are you worried about the misspelled name on Emirates flight tickets? If yes, you are at the right place now. Emirates allows its passengers to modify their names under the Emirates name change policy. We will discuss here all scenarios when you can easily perform name correction/name change on an Emirates flight ticket.

What is Emirates Name Change Policy?
It is indeed a worrisome situation when your name is misspelled on your travel itineraries. But when it comes to Emirates Airlines, you do not need to worry at all. Under Emirates name correction policy, you can easily get it done by following a few steps. Emirates, one of the legacy airlines in the Middle East is keen to assist its passengers by all means with high-end travel solutions across the globe. Emirates knows that sometimes it is obvious that you misspell your name unintentionally when making an Emirates flight reservation. If it happens to you, just adhere to the Emirates Airlines name change policy and you will not be denied boarding on Emirates flights. You do not need to get it canceled and wait for refunds and then make a new reservation. Just make a correction to the name on the Emirates ticket and you are ready to fly.

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