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Energy drinks are non-alcohol functional beverages that contain a unique combination of specific ingredients, including stimulant effects, caffeine, taurine, vitamins, and other substances that have nutritional or physiological effects. Energy drinks may also contain other ingredients such as glucuronolactone, flavors, colors, and other additives. They are a relatively new beverage category in Europe and growing in popularity. The term energy drink is a well-established and globally recognized name for this category of non-alcohol beverages. They are available in various formulas and in a wide range of sugar and sugar-free flavors so that consumers can choose the flavor that best suits them. For the best energy drink, you can select Nutrition Steadfast. Steadfast Nutrition is a premium nutrition brand that provides the best nutrition that suits the human body and is suitable for health. Buy energy drinks at Steadfast Nutrition for your good health. Steadfast Nutrition energy drink is not harmful to the human body.