Fix blinking orange light on linksys router

Blinking orange light on Linksys router and how to fix Linksys router amber light on orange LED .
Linksys router orange light is situated toward the front of the device which shows that the power is on. If a user notices that , the amber light on Linksys router flickers and that there is malfunctioning in the firmware of the router.
Fixes for Linksys Router Orange Light Error:
Here are some simple fixes to , which you will actually want to determine this blunder all alone. On that note attempt to follow these techniques:
step1: Power Cycle the Router
step2: Assign a Static IP Address
step 1: Power Cycle the Router
You can play out a force cycle with your router to resolve this Linksys Router Orange Light Error . It is the speediest and simplest workaround to resolve any issues on your router . To do so,
You need to unplug the power cord , internet , and Ethernet link from its ports and fit it back.
Whenever you are done with the steps, you need to connect the power cord to the power socket .
If you are still encountering the same error then.
Follow the alternative steps to fix Linksys router orange light error.
step 2: To resolve amber light on linksys router Assign a Static IP Address
You need to assign a static IP address as your router fails the ability to assign an IP address to the computer connected with it. after completing these steps , you need to check the computer network to the router using a ping test.
For this situation, observe that,
Assuming you get a public IP address, it can happen that your computer is connected directly to your network access supplier's modem.

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