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Digital Bursting Strength Tester provides a hydraulic load under a rubber diaphragm of a specific area of the sample under test. It can be used to accurately determine the bursting strength of paper, corrugated cardboard, carton box, card board, leather, cloth or synthetic leathers. The bursting strength value is expressed in terms of kg/cm². Presto, one of the leading manufacturers of testing instruments offer wide range of paper and packaging instruments.
Presto Digital Bursting Strength Tester is utilized for measuring the bursting strength of paper/strong paper-board by submitting it to an increasing uniform hydraulic pressure. The procedure involves preparing the specimen for test and mounting the sample between two circular clamps. The specimen is then, tightened with the help of geared handle provided. The increasing pressure (hydraulic) is then applied by the handle. The diaphragm is expanded till the specimen ruptures. The reading on the digital display is the Bursting strength of the given test specimen in kg/cm2. For more details about bursting strength tester contact us.
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