Global NO2 Sensors Market – Industry Analysis and Forecast (2019-2027)

A NO2 sensor provides some benefits such as long life, precise results, small size, fast response and long term stability which make them most ideal choice for various industrial and commercial applications, which is further making more demand for NO2 sensors in the market. The low-cost NO2 sensor also provides exciting new future opportunities for fast and distributed outdoor and indoor air pollution measurements. The growing projects related with smart city and rising adoption of IoT devices from the past few years, are creating more demand for advanced sensors such as NO2 sensors to integrate in the smart network applications, which is further expanding the growth of the market. In addition, rising formation of NO2 gas from buses, trucks, cars, off-road equipment and power plants, increasing concentrations of nitrogen dioxide by industrial sites and high populous countries and cities and escalating indoor pollution by gas stoves and heaters are ultimately propelling the growth of the market in residential, commercial, environmental, and industrial applications.

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