Gondola shelving Canada | Fermos

At Fermos, we specialize in building customized, adjustable, easy-to-install Gondola shelving for all your display needs! Your store, your style. Keep up with the latest gondola racks.

Get on a consultation call (+1 514-941-7201) with the retail experts at Fermos or read more here: https://www.fermos.com/store/gondola-shelving/

Fermos provide quality retail solutions at the best possible price. We design, manufacture and install gondola shelving for high-performing stores across the country.

Our shelves are built with a combination of steel and aluminum that allows them to be strong enough to hold any product while still being lightweight enough for easy installation.

From a single shelf to multiple units, we have a wide selection of gondola shelving options so you can choose the right set up for your specific requirements.

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