Growth Factor Therapy at Kosmoderma – Best Hair Fall Treatment in Bangalore

Growth Factor Therapy is a relatively technological advanced technique for hair regrowth which involves separating the growth factors from plant-based enzymes and injecting them into the scalp to facilitate hair growth. Growth Factor therapy is the recent technology for the treatment of Alopecia (Baldness) which may be due to male pattern hair loss, female pattern hair loss & hair loss associated with various disorders. The Growth Factor promotes new hair growth within 3 to 4 weeks of treatment*. The hair density increases by 30 to 40% by six to eight sessions of treatment
Kosmoderma offers both FUT and FUE. In some cases where hair density on the scalp is very low or the person has had several transplants before or has developed alopecia (spot baldness), Body Hair Transplant (BHT) is also done. If every day is the day for pondering over the extra hair on your comb and the prominently receding hairline, congratulations for making the right decision and landing on the page of probably the best hair transplant clinics in Bangalore.

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