Has anyone landed a job after using Code Academy?

Do It Yourself Academy or DIYA is one of the best and the leading coding academies in Malaysia. Our coding institute aims to educate kids in one of the most sought-after subjects – coding. Our coding academy designs courses especially for kids which means, they are easy to interpret and understand. The courses in our coding academy are some of the best in Malaysia, for we train kids in various programming languages through simple and easy-to-learn techniques and methods. We aim to bridge the skill gap in students and prepare them for a better career choice in the future.
As an institute, we are into Robotics, IoT, 3D Printing, Industrial Automation, and AI education. We aim to educate school students and college students to prepare them for a competitive future. We want kids to learn the nuances of coding from a very young age helping them adapt to the ever-dynamic and competitive educational system. A coding academy as DIYA trains kids in not just a career-oriented subject but also prepares them to become more receptive and competitive in their schooling as they grow.
Coding courses help kids handle with ease various other subjects like problem-solving skills, helps them build resilience and keeps them tech-aware. Working with teams in coding academies will help them build team skills and collaborative skills that are essential as they grow up to become a professional. It improves concentration and observation power that helps them be more receptive and shrewd in their academics. It teaches them to be independent learn coordination and planning, and become a self-driven person. There are no better reasons to make your child learn to code today. DIYA is one of the best coding academies that you can consider to enroll your child.

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