How can Non-resident Indians (NRIs) benefit from Critical Illness Insurance

What is Critical Illness Insurance
Critical illness insurance is like a safety net for your health. Imagine you are playing a game and you have a power-up that helps you when things get really tough. Critical illness insurance is that power-up in real life. It gives you money if you get very sick with diseases like cancer, heart attacks, or stroke.
Why is it Important for NRIs?
NRIs, or Non-Resident Indians, are people who live outside of India but are originally from India. They often travel a lot and live in different countries. When you live away from home, it's harder to manage everything, especially if you get sick.
How Does It Work for NRIs?
First, you buy an insurance policy. This is like signing up for a plan that will help you if you get a serious illness. When NRIs buy critical illness insurance, they pay a little money every month or year. This is called a premium. Additionally, If NRIs gets very sick with a disease covered by the insurance, the insurance company gives them a big amount of money. NRIs can use this money to pay for your treatment, travel, or anything else you need. They can pay a little bit of money every month or year to keep the policy active. 
Benefits of Critical Illness Insurance for NRIs
1. Peace of Mind: As NRIs, knowing that you have financial help if you get very sick makes you feel safe.
2. Helps with Medical Costs: Medical treatment can be very expensive in countries like the USA, UK, or Canada. The insurance helps pay these big bills.
3. Supports Your Family: If you can't work because you are sick, the money from the insurance helps take care of your family.
4. Flexible Usage: As NRIs, you can use the money for anything you need, like paying rent, buying medicine, or even travelling for treatment.
5. Tax Benefits: You might get some tax benefits in India for having this insurance.