How to setup Linksys extender?

To introduce the Linksys wifi extender, the router grants you to expand the remote sign for the passage or router to broaden the Internet network utilizing a wired or remote association. Get the router settings, for example, network name and secret word. You need to reset the reach extender. Long-press the Reset button present on the board of the setup linksys extender.
The most easy steps to Install Linksys i Extender
-Connection the PC to the Ethernet port of the reach extender utilizing an Ethernet cable.
-connect the reach extender to the power plug. Guarantee that the LED light is stable.
-Open the internet browser and type the router IP address in the Address bar.
-Now fill in their username and password.Leave the user name clear and type —administrator in the Password field. Select the Login option.setup linksys extender
-Select Wireless and the Basic Wireless Settings choice.
-Appoint the wireless catch to Manual and type the router Network name.
-Now go for security settings :
-Type the passphrase or WEP Key on the pursuit bar and select Save Settings.
-Segregate the force link from the router and the reach
for 30 seconds.

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