Importance of having a “Will” in the UAE

Law Relating to Wills in the UAE:
As we are aware, the Shares belonging to a person in a company may be covered in the instruments of a company such as the Memorandum of Association or other binding agreements. Whereas, In the absence of an explicit agreement or covenant, as per the UAE Laws (Sharia), at the event of the demise of a shareholder, the shares are passed on to their heirs.
The UAE Law of Inheritance would be applied in the case of lack of a Will, and it could affect the rights and guardianship of the deceased’s children if they are minors. Therefore, it is always better to have a Will to avoid any future inconveniences.
In the case of Muslims, the Inheritance is governed by the principles of Sharia, whereas in the case of non-Muslims, the law of deceased’s nation would apply by virtue of Article 17 of Federal Law Number 5 of 1985 (UAE Civil Code).

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