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International Postcode

International Postcode

Submitted by • May 15, 2020

This system may reveal itself interesting for real estate where volumetric delimitation is so difficult in any other way. With this proposed system there is no need to define borders using a complicate set of coordinates: you just tell which cubes you are talking about. You can even set a channel in a IRC channel with a cryptographic hash of a set of sequenced cubes, including if some cubes are in other disjointed areas, using the prefix of that hash for the name of your IRC channel or to create a hashtag for that places that you are talking about. This system may also reveal itself interesting when moving in VR worlds. Imagine saying: "OK Google, cube 9... and as soon as you are saying '9' all cubes that start with '9' are highlighted. And if you would say another digit it would then restrict the number of cubes highlighted, and so on and so forth. If you kept restricting it, the cubes could be so far from you that you could not see them in your field of vision in which case you would

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