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LLP Registration in mumbai

LLP Registration in mumbai

Submitted by • June 6, 2020

The laws that oversee the matters of company registration, registration of business names and

Trademarks operate separately "This article discusses the difference between LLP
Registration and trademark registration along with addressing various concerns related to it.


Trademark Registration is the process that one goes through to get the unique company
Mark (identity of any kind) to be registered under the Trademark Act of India. Trademark
Registration gives the owner(s) rights to exclusive use of the registered trademark and also the
Right to gain legal protection in case of infringement of their trademark a trademark may
Comprise any or these-words, slogans, business names, numerals, and signs the
Trademark registration takes over 12 months however the TM symbol can be used
Along with the logo or business name this can also 1k done to symbolise that a trademark
We have already applied.

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