Magic Wallet, Thinnest Magic Leather Wallet & Card Holder

The Magic or Magical Wallet is crafted with a unique trick that flips the wallet to carry your cash, its like a magic. Youngsters are most welcome for this product as this is best Magic Wallet Available. Its very gimmicky card Holder which makes a trick and exchange notes and also fits very easily.

Best Leather and high quality stretchable straps attached which makes this wallet very unique and out of the box product. You can easily hold cards and cash both in this creative design wallet. This is most useful minimalist wallet.

The thread here we using is very high quality and this is matching to the leather we are using and it looks wallet a finish looks which make sit look good and suits on your personality. Our threads pass through very high quality checking and then we use them for products.

About Magic Trick
Its a trick that plays. Just keep notes outside of the wallet and flip it from other side so notes will go back of those strips and it will fit in wallet. Whenever you flip the wallet money will change places from one strip to two stripes.