– Mainpuri: Broke the bond of seven births for the sake of bike.

Mainpuri: There was no agreement between a couple during the hearing of the couple's disputes at the Reconciliation and Conciliation Center located in Diwani in Mainpuri, Uttar Pradesh. The couple decided to separate from each other. It was decided between the couple that the husband would complete the legal action of separation by giving a lump sum of Rs 4.50 lakh to the wife. The case is from Naseerpur of Aunchha police station area. Mohini, daughter of Santosh Singh, resident of the village, was married to Govindpurbevar, resident of Shivendra, on 28 November 2017. After marriage, a dispute started between the couple regarding the demand of a bike as dowry. When his demands were not met, Shivendra threw Mohini out of the house. Mohini filed a case in the ACJM court. The ACJM referred the case to the Conciliation and Conciliation Center to reach a settlement between the couple. Mediator Dinesh Yadav heard the case at the Conciliation and Settlement Centre. Shivendra appeared after the notice sent from the Centre. Decided to separate with consent. The mediator tried five times to reach a settlement between the couple. But, no agreement was reached between them. The couple decided to separate with mutual consent. It was decided between them that Shivendra would give a lump sum amount of Rs 4.50 lakh to Mohini. After this, the legal process of separation will be completed in the court.