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Microsoft Outlook: How To Highlight Key Messages With Conditional Formatting

Submitted by • January 2, 2020

To Set Up Outlook Conditional Formatting:

Go to the View tab. Now, this is where we can customize and change our view of our Inbox.
From here, we'll choose View Settings. And you may want to explore this so that you can customize what columns are displayed, how your information is sorted or filtered and other settings.
But our focus right now is Conditional Formatting. Pick this option. This is where you can see, for instance, why unread messages will show up as bold in blue. So know that you can change that if you'd like to have a different display or preference.
To highlight the important messages from the Big Boss, first, we'll choose Add. Next, we'll name this rule such as The Big Boss. Use something that's descriptive so it's easier for you to come back to that later.
There are two things that you'll want to do here. The first is to choose how you want your message to change in appearance.

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