Mutant Muscle Mass for Gaining Weight

Mutant Muscle Mass Gainer is a powerful solution for muscle development, now with 52% less sugar. Experience incredible muscle-building results with Mutant, the market's favorite mass gainer. With a massive 56g of high-quality protein, over 1100 calories per serving, and a unique blend of essential amino acids, it fuels muscle growth and speeds up recovery after intense workouts. Unleash your body's full potential with Mutant! With 6 addictive flavors, it's a delicious addition to your fitness regimen.

52% Less Sugar: Healthier option for muscle gains with reduced sugar content.
56g Protein: Provides 56g of high-quality protein per serving for muscle growth and recovery.
Over 1100 Calories: Delivers over 1100 calories, perfect for intense workouts and muscle development.
Essential Amino Acids: Enriched with 36g of BCAAs, EAAs, and glutamines for muscle repair.
6 Addictive Flavors: Enjoy the delightful taste of Mutant Muscle Mass Gainer in 6 irresistible flavors.