perimeter intrusion detection system

Perimeter Intrusion Detection System
A Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) is a security solution specifically designed to detect unauthorized access or intrusion attempts along the physical boundaries of a facility, such as a building, industrial site, military installation, or other sensitive area.The primary purpose of a PIDS is to provide early warning and detection of intruders, enabling security personnel to respond quickly and effectively to potential threats.

Benefits of PIDS
1. Detect intruders early in an intrusion
The perimeter is the first point of entry to the site. By detecting intruders at the perimeter, it is possible to respond as early as possible before the intruder reaches the building.
2. Improve security quality and reduce human error
Many sites have perimeter security with only security guards or security personnel and surveillance cameras (CCTV). It is difficult for security personnel, especially those responsible for large premises, to see everything without overlooking emergencies and always responding immediately. There is also the possibility of human error.
And monitoring often becomes lax when security guards are working shifts. Security sensors reduce human error, such as neglect, and work 24/7 to maintain the same quality of security.

3. Improve security efficiency and take immediate action in case of intrusion
By dividing the perimeter into zones and installing security sensors in each zone, it is possible to identify where intrusions are occurring.
In addition, by integrating the security sensors with the surveillance camera system, when the sensors detect an intrusion, they will trigger the linked cameras to perform actions such as real-time pop-up or PTZ camera control on the screen in the surveillance room. On-site security personnel can then act quickly by dispatching security guards for on-site inspection, alarming the police/owner or