Polyalkylene glycol may be a hydrofluoric carbon synthesized from propylene oxides or ethylene oxides. Polyalkylene glycols are utilized in several applications like Gear Lubricants, Hydraulic Fluid Lubricants, turbine oils, industrial compressor fluids, pharmaceuticals, textile and lot more. Polyalkylene glycol copolymers synthesized from a high level of ethylene oxides provide best friction control and are alternatives to hydrocarbon lubricants. Polyalkylene glycol is one among the few synthetic substances identified by the FDA artificial additive regulation for food grade lubricants. Polyalkylene glycol also are referred as Polyglycol or ployglycol ether that are characterized with great viscosity index, excellent lubricity properties and really low toxicity. Oil soluble Polyalkylene glycol offers better friction when it's used as additive and it's an alternate to synthetic ester as a friction modifier.

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