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Polymer Compounding Pioneers In India

Polymer Compounding Pioneers In India

Submitted by • October 25, 2018

Seems to be good times for the thermo- plastic compounds in coming years. While North American Market is set to grow at 2.4% (CAGR); Beyond North Africa; at a global level; growth is expected at 4.7%. The Processors market is expected to grow at 5.2%.
India with its Make in India initiative is going to gain a significant manufacturing push in the areas of Automotive and defence etc.As per 2020 Mission for India, Per capita GDP will more than double the current levels and Indians will buy 5 times more cars.
With the global predicted growth and the obvious ask from the automakers, who often look for plastic raw materials manufacturers who can give timely solutions to meet specific requirements. So you need to have two qualities to be an auto maker’s darling.
• Close presence to Auto-Hub
• Custom compounding
• Continuous R&D
The A. Schulman German investments seems aligned that increases flexibility in production. Good Job!!
The Indian scenario is being driven by players like APPL who are

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