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Shot blasting machines manufacturer, supplier and exporter

Shot blasting machines manufacturer, supplier and exporter

Submitted by • April 20, 2020

The portable shot blasting hopper work on the pressure blasting principle consists of a blast generator. The abrasive media have filled the top of Shot blasting hopper when a machine is off and blast storage tank is not pressurized. At the top blasting hopper, a vibrating sieve is given to sieve the abrasive filled. The mushroom valve is down then abrasive will get transferred to blasting storage tank of blasting hopper for blasting form shot blasting hopper. The mushroom valve takes up when the compressed air is turned on then the abrasive storage tank becomes pressurized, for free fall of abrasive into the mixing tube. From the mixing tube, the abrasive is moved away by compressed air to the nozzle for blasting. shot blasting nozzle specially designed and tungsten carbides outlined, resulting in long service life. The remote control of shot blasting equipment ON /OFF is in the operator’s hands and requires no electric connection.


Abrasive Tank Capacity(Metallic) 150 K

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