Small 4 page program funeral printer

Create a meaningful tribute to honor a cherished life, even in a limited space. Our small four-page funeral program (5.5″ x 11″) allows you to craft a touching biography (1-2 pages) that captures their essence, highlighting defining moments and cherished experiences.

Add personal anecdotes or quotes to bring their personality to life. Celebrate their life story with a captivating photo collage (1 page) showcasing cherished memories, milestones, or images that embody their spirit.

Personalize their farewell with a themed design (elegant, classic, nature-inspired, or custom) that reflects their unique spirit. Incorporate their favorite poems, readings, or musical selections into an optional personalized order of service for a lasting memory.

Despite its small size, this program becomes a cherished keepsake for loved ones. Professionally designed templates ensure a polished look, while the content becomes a treasured record of their life.

Looking for more space for memories? Explore our Medium Eight-Page Program. Limited space? The Large Three-Panel Program offers a condensed format. Ultimately, the choice is yours. Choose the program that best reflects the life you wish to honor. Each format provides a platform to create a heartfelt tribute, a testament to the love and memories they leave behind.