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Bionizer provides chlorine and salt-free pool systems. Bionizer is a pool ionizer that sanitizes your pool water without the use of harsh chemicals such as chlorine but by using mineral... Read More

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Bionizer is a saltwater pool chlorinator replacement system that uses natural mineral ions, copper, and silver to transform swimming pools and spas into natural water without using chemicals such as... Read More

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Bionizer was founded in 2000 and is committed to creating a healthier environment by innovating a wide range of products for chlorine-free pool systems. With an office in Maroochydore, Queensland,... Read More

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Pool ionization is an effective way to sanitize pool water without the use of (harsh) chemicals. Many people in today’s eco-conscious society prefer to swim in chlorine-free water for a... Read More

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Bionizer offers a wide variety of products that facilitate chlorine and salt-free pool sanitation and pool maintenance. Instead of using harsh chemicals such as chlorine, Bionizer uses pool ionization to... Read More