The most advanced self-learning solution

LearnNext+ is an engaging and intelligent self-learning app developed by Next Education India Pvt Limited. It fosters anytime, anywhere learning and helps students grasp complex topics easily. It also makes learning super interesting through a plethora of unique features.

Award-winning Content
7,000+ hours of award-winning multimedia content
Tutor-based 2D/3D animated & real-life videos
Chapter-wise lectures solved examples & e-books for reference
Self-learning algorithm that recommends videos based on your learning journey
Covers the curricula of CBSE, ICSE and 29+ State Boards
Wide range of subjects — Maths, Science (Physics, Chemistry & Biology), Social Science (Geography, History & Civics), English (Grammar, Writing Skills & Phonetics), Computer Science, Environmental Science, Physical Education, Commerce (Economics & Accountancy), Sanskrit & Hindi

Practice Tests & Experiments
Extensive practice tests and test series for all classes
Diverse question bank covering all categories of Bloom's Taxonomy
Detailed analysis reports highlighting strong and weak areas
4,000+ hands-on science experiments & simulations
Learn, practise & revise all the subjects

Predictive & performative analysis of the practice tests that the student takes up is provided in order to help them track their chapter-wise and concept-wise understanding. A personalised remedial action plan is also recommended to overcome learning gaps and improve the overall academic performance of the student.

Play short quizzes & pick up valuable nuggets of knowledge
Duel players from around the country in a real-time quiz
Compete with the smartest and earn Wit Elixir to rise to the top of the leaderboard
Earn unique achievement badges based on performance
Challenge friends for a private duel or compete with them for a badge or even the entire collection!
Available in multiple subjects for class 4 and above

Board Exam Booster
Chapter-level test package powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Dat

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