The Top Via Ferrata Routes in Switzerland

A professional guide you will lead you on the route that follows a series of steel rungs, ladders and natural features. The steel rungs and pegs provide good hand & footholds. Using lanyards & carabiners climbers are connected to the safety cable that runs the whole route. The ladders help to ascend really steep or difficult sections, and sometimes there’s a swinging bridge to cross.You will be given a helmet, climbing harness, klettersteig kit, and gloves. The kit attaches to your harness and has 2 arm-length tethers of webbing. On the end of each tether are automatic closure carabiners. Using the tethers and carabiners from your kit, you will attach or clip yourself to the cables during the climb. This keeps you safe as you ascend the route. The kit also has a breaking mechanism that dynamically reduces the enormous force which can occur during a fall. This minimizes the risk of injury to a fallen person.

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