There are many startups that aim to be the Top Fintech Startup in 2021, but few of them have the potential to reach this level. The most successful ones will have a focus on the needs of the B2B sector. Among them, infrastructure, payments, and payroll were among the areas that many startups focused on. Personal finance apps, especially those that cater to specific demographics such as immigrants and the LGBTQ+ community, are also in high demand.
The most successful FinTech companies will listen to their clients, create products that address their needs and create a community around them. Some companies will be successful because they will focus on sensitive information and personal needs. Some of these startups will also partner with high street banks to increase their market share. Moreover, the best FinTech companies will be able to reach millions of people in a matter of a few years. So, if you're thinking of launching a FinTech company in the next few years, there are some things that you should do.
Lemonade is an online platform that reverses the classic insurance model and makes the process of identity verification easier. Its artificial intelligence-based technology evaluates a user's government-issued ID, allowing the user to upload a selfie. This allows the system to cross-reference facial biometrics against the identity document. The founders of Onfido faced a similar situation when they were just starting out, and they have managed to make their company a success in just three years. With their investment and traction, they'll be the Top Fintech Startup in 2021.
Array is another fintech startup that is growing at an accelerated rate. Its technology helps businesses build deeper bonds with their customers through a fully structured API. Its pricing structure is more convenient than other payment gateways, which require large monthly data commitments and require customers to stick with a single vendor.

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