Types of Heavy Storage Racks to Increase Warehousing Efficiency

Pallet RacksPallet Racking System is very popular and widely used type of storage racks as they are reasonably resourceful. They are cost-effective and can hold out small and large goods alike. Such Heavy Duty Racks are generally positioned amid single-entry wall racks on the perimeter sides and double-entry racks in the centre. The working aisle dimension involving each rack and the rack height depends upon the features of the lifting devices or fork-lift trucks. The height of the warehouse and pallet size also counts.

A warehouse manager knows well how to make the most by combining the Pallet Racks. The Pallet Racking System is brought into use through several different ways. Some of the common approaches are Double Deep Pallet Racking, Push-Back Racking, Mobile Pallet Racking, Narrow Aisle Racking, Drive-in Racking and Live Pallet Racking.

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